Thursday, October 17, 2013

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Hi there,
It's been long time since last post again.
Let's update since it's 3am now and I couldn't sleep.
I know there are lots of pictures and posts that I should have been posted such as sis proposal, my taiwan trip, sis wedding, and now my bro proposal which happened on 12 of October 2013!But too many pictures so just wait. Hehe so happy for my sis and bro since they found their loved ones and started another stages of life with them. But in the other side I'm getting emotionally easier recently dunno why, maybe due to loneliness hahah forget bout it I know I will be just fine just need to get myself to be busy and stop thinking about those emo stuffs.
So lots of stuff changed around me recently. Sis been not staying with me anymore and bro started to prepare new stage of life and me myself status changed. So just wish for the best for myself to get on track. Friends said I changed since then. Of cause I know how much I changed also. Hmm never thought I will be who am I and doing what I am doing today hahah. Dunno what to say about it just let the time tells me. Appreciate what I have now.

Family <3 td="">
<3 td="">

Beautiful in White =)

Ok then back to study life. Year 3 really a disaster year for me. Lots of stuff happened. Suddenly change all the policy and met 2 crazy lecturers who like to fail students. Can you imagine 100% failing rate for the paper? Mad. Ok one good news to cheer up the dead semester was that I got myself merit prize for year 2 semester 2 exam results which was the top for that whole semester. Really happy when I got this recognition because I finally made it for myself after so many years =)

Always been up and down.
I love August as August really was a happy month for me.
First of all I made it through for my interview and got myself a job offer. Then i was happy in my internship with all my colleagues although not really happy in the beginning with job scope but end up i able to adapt to it and get good appraisal from them, oh got the best presenter among the interns presentation. They offer me an offer too but I have to reject it although i like the job as i already accepted another one. So maybe future then =) Did learnt lots from them especially appreciate the presentation chances which helped me to improve my presentation skills although i don't like it at the first place haha. Then August was also the month when me and him started. So here some pictures from the internship.

with the IT people 
First time bowling with my CD team-all in longkang

these guys photo bomb-ing LOL

Farewell- IT with CD 
Everything is good until my exam results came out then college change policy then certain issues then so and not really happy recently, keeps on up and down.
But anyway just need to stay as positive as I can so that I could make things better and grow better =) Bad things wouldn't stay long and good things are waiting ahead =) Believe it!

Good Night! SMILE =)

Friday, May 24, 2013


It's been some times didn't update here. There are still Taiwan posts and sis's ROM posts that are pending. No idea when will i finally uploaded them.........

Anyway i'm here now because lots of stuff came up in my mind tonight. (actually many nights already)
All my friends' fault la talk emotional stuffs in the group chat damn.

I was actually facing complicated feelings recently regarding my sis's marriage.
Ofcoz i am happy for my sister seeing my bro in law is treating her with lots of care and love. =)
It's a great happiness for a girl to find a guy who love her, guide her, tolerance, appreciate what happen between the relationship and most of all willing to hold your hand all the time =) Ofcoz it's the same for a guy to find a girl who works out the same ways hahah actually i have no idea what am i typing! Forgive me haha
But in the other side, i was actually sad and depress also because u know la suddenly the one that stay with me so many years now going to stay the other place with her own new family already. Things sure different no matter how once she get married over there.
Some more i cannot say it out in front of my sister coz i scare later she also sad then crazy as she got her own stress on the wedding preparation now  :(
My bro in law still always mention and try to show off that my sister going to stay with him after 4 months DAMN. He didn't think in my shoes one still dare to say in front of me that she is all his now. Everytime when he said that i still need to try to act like it doesn't matter. Very sad one u know! haix Although he may be just kidding but still very sad one ma! 
But but if think the other way round hor, i am very happy seeing that my bro in law so happy (the smile and the laughter are seriously no kidding) and so appreciate my sister so nvm la i still can find her ma.............................................(need to think in this way if not LOL)

Next is one of my best friend going to UK on June. Although it's just 3 months but then still i dun like this feeling since 2 years ago when i sent off another best friend to Taiwan. Cried like cow unexpectedly @@
But what to do? Farewell happens all the time right? So just accept it and grows from it.
Kindergarden graduation, primary school graduation, secondary school graduation, diploma graduation, degree graduation...........etc.
Farewell happens throughout different stages of life. But as we grew older, we learn to appreciate each relationship more and more. Because there are many people that come in to your life but only few of them will stay. 
Family, friends, lovers........No matter how if u really appreciate the relationship, think of the separation as physical and temporary only because we are still together as long as the hearts are still together. Those no hearts one will be separated even though seeing each other everyday. 

Ok i sounds damn emo now. I always says no emo but till the end still emo ahahah *knock head*


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tonsil Infection (Tonsillitis)

Hi there,
Going to talk about Tonsil Infection (Tonsillitis) in this post because this is what i'm having now.
It's actually quite common among people nowadays.
I've been sick for the past 3 weeks and still in the process of recovery.
Was admitted last week as doctor said i drag too long and my throat is in worst condition.
Before i went to the hospital, i'm having fever on and off for a week.
This time was my worst stay ever in hospital as my hands get poked for multiple times continuously because they can't find my blood veins. So i went home with bruises around both of my hands.
Can you imagine 5 or 6 nurses take turns to poke but failed and need to ask the doctor to poke?NIGHTMARE!!!

First of all, i just copy from website about tonsil as i'm not a medical student so i not really know how to explain in my way. But i do understand more about it after i done some research so just some sharing here.


Tonsil Infection (Tonsillitis)

TONSILS are those fleshy clusters of soft tissues heaped behind and above your tongue on both sides of the throat. The tissues and cells covering the tonsils (lymph nodes) function to fight infection by trapping microorganisms before they cause infections in the throat, mouth and sinuses. There are strong antibodies in your tonsil tissues that fight the spread of germs.

TONSILLITIS (pronounced ton-sil-lie-tiss) is an inflammatory condition of the tonsils due to bacteria, allergies or respiratory problems. When inflamed, tonsils become red and swollen with a grayish or yellowish coating on its surface.

Common signs and symptoms include:

*sore throat
*red, swollen tonsils
*pain when swallowing
*a general sense of feeling unwell
*white pus-filled spots on the tonsils
*swollen lymph nodes (glands) in the neck
*pain in the ears or neck

OK so for my case it is due to bacteria infection. 
No idea what the hell is TWBC but the doctor said my bacteria count was double of normal maximum count. As you can see from the picture below, my count is 21.08 and 11.3 is actually the maximum count normal people could go to. So lots of bacteria in my body huh, why the hell those bacteria so in love with me? Sigh

Here is my scanning of my throat. The red circle shows that the tonsils are inflamed and almost touch each other and there are lots of yellowish coating which almost cover the whole surface of tonsils.
Now the swollen tonsils are getting better and no more yellowish coating.
Besides my throat, the bacteria actually spread to my right ear too and my ear is blocked for sometimes. At least it is getting better and i can hear better now. 
Throat, nose and ears are all connected so my nose and ear is blocked due to the infection. 

Here is the comparison of throat without and with tonsils which i took from the web.
File:Uvula without tonsils.jpg
Without tonsillitis
With tonsillitis

Some tips here, if you are having sore throat and fever for some times, you can take a mini torchlight and stand in front the mirror. Then put the lights toward end of ur throat and say "AH". If you see those yellowish coating then u better go consult doctor immediately before it getting more serious. 

I miss burgers, pizza, nasi lema, laksa..............more. No idea when can i eat those foods :'(
Doctor says temporary not require to remove the tonsils but need to monitor it so that the infection not coming back continuously.
If this happens repeatedly few times in a year then need to remove it by surgery which known as Tonsillectomy. 
After read few article about this surgical procedure, i would not remove it even the doctor asked to because there is not 100% guarantee that everything will be fine after remove it. It just decrease the percentage of getting those infection. So i'm not going to undergo those pain and couldn't eat for around 2 weeks! 

Hope that all those blocking could go away by this week as my new semester going to start on next Tuesday.

Anyway if there is anything wrong on what i mentioned above please do correct me or if u know how to prevent this please do let me know too.

Monday, February 4, 2013

One week after Taiwan trip

Hi there!
It's been some times since the last time i updated the blog so here i am again but just a short one.
Since i back from the Taiwan trip one week ago, i've been lazying around in the house.
Everyday routine was wake up then lunch then drama then dinner then sleep.
Know what? Too free doing nothing is really killing me and going to be crazy soon!
People work stress but i think i am stressed because too free. When too free the mind starts to think this and that.
My clothes are still all on my bed and mum keeps mumbling about it non stop..bla bla bla~~
For sure i will tidy up my room before CNY, just waiting for the cleaning mood to come.
Luckily going to work starts from tomorrow if not my purse going to be empty soon.

I miss those 12 days in Taiwan so much. Just go relax play and eat there everyday.
Although physically tired until want die d but at least mentally relaxed.  Miss the winter there too.


One of the place i visited in TaiChung - 新色古堡
Will blog about the Taiwan trip some other days after i compile all pictures from others.
So stay tuned! =)

Friday, January 4, 2013

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year! Hi 2013!

Happy New Year everyone! It's 2013 now.
There are several draft that i did not post up but since it's 2013 so never mind la just let it be in draft. LOL

Summary for 2012:
6 months of contract in Intel ended on March.

Went to further my degree in Disted on March.

June - 2 days before exam i dropped the course and did not sit for exam. (BIG BIG MISTAKES)

September - But luckily i'm given a second chance which i have no idea why out of sudden the courage to continue study knocked in to me on the first week of second semester. So after discussed with the coordinator in Disted, i'm back to Disted and continue with the second semester instead of starting everything over again.
But the torturing part was i need to sit for the first semester subjects which they split to two semesters for me. Which means that i need to sit for extra 2 papers in each two semesters compare to my classmates.

Still, glad that i overcome it and did it. Lesson learnt from this final exam is revision still needed even if u know how to do. There is one paper that i did not do revision one day before exam because i understand those exercises done in class and i thought i could do well without revision. End up i did so bad on that paper!
Anyway, i guessed that many people will be thinking "Is this girl crazy?". I could see that from their kind of looks on me, they must be feeling funny and laughing from the inside when they heard that i'm back to study again after i dropped it on first semester. But whatever it is, i don't care. With the second chance given, told myself that no matter what i must complete this. I don't want to leave bad experience in life for quitting studies so i decided to do it again. I don't want to let my family disappointed.  I want to graduate by end of next year!! If i cannot cope the stress on study then how am i going to cope with other challenges and stress in future right? Anyhow thanks to my siblings for helping me out on study and my BFFs for cheering me up whenever the stress is there.

Oh and also MUSIC that helps to relax myself such as songs by 蘇打綠, David Choi and Jayesslee.
Current favourite songs are Try - Pink (Jayesslee Cover) and By My Side - David Choi

December- So now i'm having my semester break until end of March! Sad that i couldn't get an office job this time. So probably will end up working in the same place again. There is an advantage for working there as i could learn more about clothes and how to deal with customers. Although i've worked there as part timer for around 2 years but there is still spaces for improvement and lots to learn i guess?

My to-do-lists are still very long. Maybe i should write it down neatly so i could finish it one by one.

New hair colour for new year which is purple! Quite of loving it but too bad it only stays for around one week. Now becomes brown in the outer layer and still some purple inside.
Thinking should i top up the purple before i go to Taiwan on 14/1?hmmm or CNY?

My purpler hair

Hopefully i can break through more of my own limits in doing certain stuffs.
Be more aggressive and work harder.
Oh 2 couples going to get married this year. One is my sister and another one is my cousin.
And also another member is joining the Yeoh's family on CNY!!!
Can't wait to see another baby!
They are so cute!!!!!
2012 was quite an emotional year for me. Will try my best to make 2013 as my rainbow year!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Yuletide Mark Down

Hi all, i'm still drafting on what i did after the exam so stay tuned! Brain not really functioning after the exam so couldn't write anything. Probably because the lazy mode is here haha opppsie.
Anyway just a quick update here.
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