Thursday, October 17, 2013

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Hi there,
It's been long time since last post again.
Let's update since it's 3am now and I couldn't sleep.
I know there are lots of pictures and posts that I should have been posted such as sis proposal, my taiwan trip, sis wedding, and now my bro proposal which happened on 12 of October 2013!But too many pictures so just wait. Hehe so happy for my sis and bro since they found their loved ones and started another stages of life with them. But in the other side I'm getting emotionally easier recently dunno why, maybe due to loneliness hahah forget bout it I know I will be just fine just need to get myself to be busy and stop thinking about those emo stuffs.
So lots of stuff changed around me recently. Sis been not staying with me anymore and bro started to prepare new stage of life and me myself status changed. So just wish for the best for myself to get on track. Friends said I changed since then. Of cause I know how much I changed also. Hmm never thought I will be who am I and doing what I am doing today hahah. Dunno what to say about it just let the time tells me. Appreciate what I have now.

Family <3 td="">
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Beautiful in White =)

Ok then back to study life. Year 3 really a disaster year for me. Lots of stuff happened. Suddenly change all the policy and met 2 crazy lecturers who like to fail students. Can you imagine 100% failing rate for the paper? Mad. Ok one good news to cheer up the dead semester was that I got myself merit prize for year 2 semester 2 exam results which was the top for that whole semester. Really happy when I got this recognition because I finally made it for myself after so many years =)

Always been up and down.
I love August as August really was a happy month for me.
First of all I made it through for my interview and got myself a job offer. Then i was happy in my internship with all my colleagues although not really happy in the beginning with job scope but end up i able to adapt to it and get good appraisal from them, oh got the best presenter among the interns presentation. They offer me an offer too but I have to reject it although i like the job as i already accepted another one. So maybe future then =) Did learnt lots from them especially appreciate the presentation chances which helped me to improve my presentation skills although i don't like it at the first place haha. Then August was also the month when me and him started. So here some pictures from the internship.

with the IT people 
First time bowling with my CD team-all in longkang

these guys photo bomb-ing LOL

Farewell- IT with CD 
Everything is good until my exam results came out then college change policy then certain issues then so and not really happy recently, keeps on up and down.
But anyway just need to stay as positive as I can so that I could make things better and grow better =) Bad things wouldn't stay long and good things are waiting ahead =) Believe it!

Good Night! SMILE =)

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