Friday, May 24, 2013


It's been some times didn't update here. There are still Taiwan posts and sis's ROM posts that are pending. No idea when will i finally uploaded them.........

Anyway i'm here now because lots of stuff came up in my mind tonight. (actually many nights already)
All my friends' fault la talk emotional stuffs in the group chat damn.

I was actually facing complicated feelings recently regarding my sis's marriage.
Ofcoz i am happy for my sister seeing my bro in law is treating her with lots of care and love. =)
It's a great happiness for a girl to find a guy who love her, guide her, tolerance, appreciate what happen between the relationship and most of all willing to hold your hand all the time =) Ofcoz it's the same for a guy to find a girl who works out the same ways hahah actually i have no idea what am i typing! Forgive me haha
But in the other side, i was actually sad and depress also because u know la suddenly the one that stay with me so many years now going to stay the other place with her own new family already. Things sure different no matter how once she get married over there.
Some more i cannot say it out in front of my sister coz i scare later she also sad then crazy as she got her own stress on the wedding preparation now  :(
My bro in law still always mention and try to show off that my sister going to stay with him after 4 months DAMN. He didn't think in my shoes one still dare to say in front of me that she is all his now. Everytime when he said that i still need to try to act like it doesn't matter. Very sad one u know! haix Although he may be just kidding but still very sad one ma! 
But but if think the other way round hor, i am very happy seeing that my bro in law so happy (the smile and the laughter are seriously no kidding) and so appreciate my sister so nvm la i still can find her ma.............................................(need to think in this way if not LOL)

Next is one of my best friend going to UK on June. Although it's just 3 months but then still i dun like this feeling since 2 years ago when i sent off another best friend to Taiwan. Cried like cow unexpectedly @@
But what to do? Farewell happens all the time right? So just accept it and grows from it.
Kindergarden graduation, primary school graduation, secondary school graduation, diploma graduation, degree graduation...........etc.
Farewell happens throughout different stages of life. But as we grew older, we learn to appreciate each relationship more and more. Because there are many people that come in to your life but only few of them will stay. 
Family, friends, lovers........No matter how if u really appreciate the relationship, think of the separation as physical and temporary only because we are still together as long as the hearts are still together. Those no hearts one will be separated even though seeing each other everyday. 

Ok i sounds damn emo now. I always says no emo but till the end still emo ahahah *knock head*


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