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Tonsil Infection (Tonsillitis)

Hi there,
Going to talk about Tonsil Infection (Tonsillitis) in this post because this is what i'm having now.
It's actually quite common among people nowadays.
I've been sick for the past 3 weeks and still in the process of recovery.
Was admitted last week as doctor said i drag too long and my throat is in worst condition.
Before i went to the hospital, i'm having fever on and off for a week.
This time was my worst stay ever in hospital as my hands get poked for multiple times continuously because they can't find my blood veins. So i went home with bruises around both of my hands.
Can you imagine 5 or 6 nurses take turns to poke but failed and need to ask the doctor to poke?NIGHTMARE!!!

First of all, i just copy from website about tonsil as i'm not a medical student so i not really know how to explain in my way. But i do understand more about it after i done some research so just some sharing here.


Tonsil Infection (Tonsillitis)

TONSILS are those fleshy clusters of soft tissues heaped behind and above your tongue on both sides of the throat. The tissues and cells covering the tonsils (lymph nodes) function to fight infection by trapping microorganisms before they cause infections in the throat, mouth and sinuses. There are strong antibodies in your tonsil tissues that fight the spread of germs.

TONSILLITIS (pronounced ton-sil-lie-tiss) is an inflammatory condition of the tonsils due to bacteria, allergies or respiratory problems. When inflamed, tonsils become red and swollen with a grayish or yellowish coating on its surface.

Common signs and symptoms include:

*sore throat
*red, swollen tonsils
*pain when swallowing
*a general sense of feeling unwell
*white pus-filled spots on the tonsils
*swollen lymph nodes (glands) in the neck
*pain in the ears or neck

OK so for my case it is due to bacteria infection. 
No idea what the hell is TWBC but the doctor said my bacteria count was double of normal maximum count. As you can see from the picture below, my count is 21.08 and 11.3 is actually the maximum count normal people could go to. So lots of bacteria in my body huh, why the hell those bacteria so in love with me? Sigh

Here is my scanning of my throat. The red circle shows that the tonsils are inflamed and almost touch each other and there are lots of yellowish coating which almost cover the whole surface of tonsils.
Now the swollen tonsils are getting better and no more yellowish coating.
Besides my throat, the bacteria actually spread to my right ear too and my ear is blocked for sometimes. At least it is getting better and i can hear better now. 
Throat, nose and ears are all connected so my nose and ear is blocked due to the infection. 

Here is the comparison of throat without and with tonsils which i took from the web.
File:Uvula without tonsils.jpg
Without tonsillitis
With tonsillitis

Some tips here, if you are having sore throat and fever for some times, you can take a mini torchlight and stand in front the mirror. Then put the lights toward end of ur throat and say "AH". If you see those yellowish coating then u better go consult doctor immediately before it getting more serious. 

I miss burgers, pizza, nasi lema, laksa..............more. No idea when can i eat those foods :'(
Doctor says temporary not require to remove the tonsils but need to monitor it so that the infection not coming back continuously.
If this happens repeatedly few times in a year then need to remove it by surgery which known as Tonsillectomy. 
After read few article about this surgical procedure, i would not remove it even the doctor asked to because there is not 100% guarantee that everything will be fine after remove it. It just decrease the percentage of getting those infection. So i'm not going to undergo those pain and couldn't eat for around 2 weeks! 

Hope that all those blocking could go away by this week as my new semester going to start on next Tuesday.

Anyway if there is anything wrong on what i mentioned above please do correct me or if u know how to prevent this please do let me know too.

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