Monday, February 4, 2013

One week after Taiwan trip

Hi there!
It's been some times since the last time i updated the blog so here i am again but just a short one.
Since i back from the Taiwan trip one week ago, i've been lazying around in the house.
Everyday routine was wake up then lunch then drama then dinner then sleep.
Know what? Too free doing nothing is really killing me and going to be crazy soon!
People work stress but i think i am stressed because too free. When too free the mind starts to think this and that.
My clothes are still all on my bed and mum keeps mumbling about it non stop..bla bla bla~~
For sure i will tidy up my room before CNY, just waiting for the cleaning mood to come.
Luckily going to work starts from tomorrow if not my purse going to be empty soon.

I miss those 12 days in Taiwan so much. Just go relax play and eat there everyday.
Although physically tired until want die d but at least mentally relaxed.  Miss the winter there too.


One of the place i visited in TaiChung - 新色古堡
Will blog about the Taiwan trip some other days after i compile all pictures from others.
So stay tuned! =)

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