Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year! Hi 2013!

Happy New Year everyone! It's 2013 now.
There are several draft that i did not post up but since it's 2013 so never mind la just let it be in draft. LOL

Summary for 2012:
6 months of contract in Intel ended on March.

Went to further my degree in Disted on March.

June - 2 days before exam i dropped the course and did not sit for exam. (BIG BIG MISTAKES)

September - But luckily i'm given a second chance which i have no idea why out of sudden the courage to continue study knocked in to me on the first week of second semester. So after discussed with the coordinator in Disted, i'm back to Disted and continue with the second semester instead of starting everything over again.
But the torturing part was i need to sit for the first semester subjects which they split to two semesters for me. Which means that i need to sit for extra 2 papers in each two semesters compare to my classmates.

Still, glad that i overcome it and did it. Lesson learnt from this final exam is revision still needed even if u know how to do. There is one paper that i did not do revision one day before exam because i understand those exercises done in class and i thought i could do well without revision. End up i did so bad on that paper!
Anyway, i guessed that many people will be thinking "Is this girl crazy?". I could see that from their kind of looks on me, they must be feeling funny and laughing from the inside when they heard that i'm back to study again after i dropped it on first semester. But whatever it is, i don't care. With the second chance given, told myself that no matter what i must complete this. I don't want to leave bad experience in life for quitting studies so i decided to do it again. I don't want to let my family disappointed.  I want to graduate by end of next year!! If i cannot cope the stress on study then how am i going to cope with other challenges and stress in future right? Anyhow thanks to my siblings for helping me out on study and my BFFs for cheering me up whenever the stress is there.

Oh and also MUSIC that helps to relax myself such as songs by 蘇打綠, David Choi and Jayesslee.
Current favourite songs are Try - Pink (Jayesslee Cover) and By My Side - David Choi

December- So now i'm having my semester break until end of March! Sad that i couldn't get an office job this time. So probably will end up working in the same place again. There is an advantage for working there as i could learn more about clothes and how to deal with customers. Although i've worked there as part timer for around 2 years but there is still spaces for improvement and lots to learn i guess?

My to-do-lists are still very long. Maybe i should write it down neatly so i could finish it one by one.

New hair colour for new year which is purple! Quite of loving it but too bad it only stays for around one week. Now becomes brown in the outer layer and still some purple inside.
Thinking should i top up the purple before i go to Taiwan on 14/1?hmmm or CNY?

My purpler hair

Hopefully i can break through more of my own limits in doing certain stuffs.
Be more aggressive and work harder.
Oh 2 couples going to get married this year. One is my sister and another one is my cousin.
And also another member is joining the Yeoh's family on CNY!!!
Can't wait to see another baby!
They are so cute!!!!!
2012 was quite an emotional year for me. Will try my best to make 2013 as my rainbow year!!!

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